Productivity Tools

Increase revenue collections, not your workload. Simplify core billing and payment operations with a platform built for automation.


Take the Friction Out of Billing & Payment

Do what you do best, even better.  Elite’s productivity suite automates daily billing tasks and streamlines payment, helping you boost revenue cycle productivity and grow collections in no time.

A single platform for receivables management

Give your staff the tools to manage the entire collection process with ease from a single platform. Elite’s service portal brings billing, payment, and account admin together in one place to simplify support ops. Search for and view statements and payment history. Accept payments and quickly launch payment plans. And view real-time reporting and 835 payment files for auto-posting into your legacy application.



Meet Ella, the Chatbot for Payments

Offer always-on service and support 24/7/365 with Ella, our AI-powered chatbot.  Ella engages in natural, context-aware conversations whenever customers have questions or are ready to make a payment.  Deliver automated, seamless support via the digital channels consumers use most – like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.



Guarantee deliverability

Prevent bounce-backs before they hit the mail stream. With a mail management platform backed by proven tools – smart suppression, NCOALink, return mail management and secure destruction – you can rest easy that financial engagement reaches the right parties without delay.



Support that has you covered 24/7/365

Ditch the never-ending phone trees, support tickets, and service queues. Hands-on account management gives you unfettered access to the people that can make things happen right now – not in days or weeks. Get round-the-clock support when you need it most, on your schedule and terms.



Easy Integration with nearly any legacy software

Plug-in and quickly connect the billing tools you use every day. Our platform integrates with existing legacy software and technology easily and without disruption to your processes. So you get on-board and off-the-ground in a flash. And build on, not reduplicate, the work you do to collect from consumers.

Put Billing and Payment Management on Autopilot with Automation

Stay on track to meet financial goals with easy-to-use tools that simplify and accelerate daily financial engagement and payment tasks.  We’ll sweat the details.  So you can focus on delivering the kind of experience that drives payment and earns loyal customers.


Mail Management Platform


Service Portal


Ella Chatbot Payment


Merchant Services

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