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Open a new revenue stream -- while building on the outstanding billing and payment experience you offer your customers.




Build a Deeper Connection with Your Partners by Empowering Them to Collect More. Faster.

The business of healthcare begins with a healthy balance sheet. That’s why clients rely on you for expert advice and industry-leading revenue cycle solutions.  You’ve got their back.  Now let Elite get yours.

Increase the value you provide to clients.  With EliteBill, it’s easy to add a profitable, hassle-free new revenue stream to your patient billing toolset. You get a fast, efficient, and uniquely customized platform that perfectly complements your current billing toolset - further enhancing your reputation as a patient financial expert in the eyes of your clients.

Customized Solutions. Each solution is individually tailored to fit for your clients’ patient billing needs – but doesn’t require extra attention from your staff.

Fast, Accurate Delivery. Smart address verification and improvement tools and guaranteed one-business-day turnaround accelerates mail delivery and helps your clients get paid - faster.

More Revenue. We offer one of the industry’s best revenue sharing programs, so your customers aren’t the only ones that get to increase profitability.

Hands-On Accountability. Forced to wait weeks or months for a routine statement change? Can’t track down a real person to talk to at the moment of truth? Not at Elite. We’re smaller by choice. And having fewer customers means we can spend more time and focus on getting the job done right.

Peace-of-Mind. We’re committed to treating your clients with the same professionalism and care you do. That’s why we provide hands-on support, HIPAA-compliant data protection, and rigorous quality control.





Enhance the Payment Experience, Accelerate Revenue Collection

Help your partners close the patient engagement gap with intuitive, personalized billing communication proven to help patients understand and anticipate their financial obligation.  Enable a better patient experience by meeting consumers on the communication channels they use most with mail, email, text alerts, and chatbot connectivity.  Accelerate payment by making it fast and easy for patients to securely pay from anywhere 24/7/365 using online, voice, and text payment tools.


Smarter Financial Engagement

Help your customers better engage patient with targeted outreach on the channels they use most

Multi-Channel Payment

Help your customers better engage patient with targeted outreach on the channels they use most

Productivity Tools

Add to your financial toolset and increase the rev cycle productivity of your healthcare partners with smart tools that take the friction out of billing and payment

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