Collect more, faster. Deliver a better patient financial experience with relevant, 1:1 engagement and fast, easy, always-on payment tools.


Enhance the Patient Payment Experience, Accelerate Revenue Collection



The growing trend of healthcare consumerism is making it more important than ever for healthcare providers to deploy patient-first, end-to-end engagement practices.  Self-pay and BAI payments take more time, money, and resources to collect – so every dollar of revenue shifted from insurers to patients raises billing costs and puts more pressure on already tight margins. And high-quality care starts with a quality experience so it’s important to foster engagement that supports and empowers the patient journey at every step. 


EliteBill helps healthcare providers meet the challenge of more direct patient revenue with smart, patient-focused financial engagement and a multi-channel payment platform. Personalize patient financial outreach with data-driven analytics and targeted, right-place-right-time communications that accelerates payment and reduces call center activity.  Deliver a better health experience by making it easier for patients to anticipate, understand, and pay their financial obligations.

Smarter Financial Engagement

Engage patients with targeted outreach on the channels they use most

Multi-Channel Payment

Accept and manage payments from online, mobile, voice, chatbot, and point-of-service sources

Productivity Tools

Optimize rev cycle productivity with smart tools that take the friction out of billing and payment

Payment Chatbot

Meet Ella, a payment chatbot powered by artificial intelligence


Reduce Undeliverable mail and efficiently handle returns

Registration & Scheduling Portal

Personalized registration and online scheduling – from any device or express check-in onsite

Patient Intake Platform

Automated self-service for streamlined digital intake

See EliteBill in Action

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