Optimize revenue cycle performance with business intelligence tools that make it easy to access and analyze critical information.


Revenue-focused billing and payment analytics

Unify patient financial legacy system data into a single-pane view that delivers actionable insights that move the needle on patient financial outreach and revenue collection.  Elite’s proprietary analytics engine leverages decades of experience with HL8 and other electronic data layouts to transform massive amounts of transactional, billing, and payment data into bite-size, easy-to-understand-and-use intelligence that improves revenue cycle ops for hospitals and physicians.  Hit the ground running with rapid solution engagement, development, and deployment that helps you quickly optimize and accelerate patient revenue collection. 



Business Intelligence & Analytics

Facing increasingly tight budgets, many hospitals are struggling with the costs associated with spinning-up and maintaining an in-house analytics staff.  With advanced technology backed by hands-on support, Elite’s analytics toolset enables hospitals to receive access to best-class business intelligence at a fraction of the cost associated with maintaining an in-house team.  Conduct impactful financial analysis with a uniquely customized BI solution – rapidly deployed and designed to fit your specific data requirements and revenue cycle goals.




Accounts Receivable Workflow Technology

What can’t be measured can’t be improved.  Elite’s analytics stack enables A/R workflow optimization through intelligence, surfacing the insights you need to scrutinize, iterate, and improve cash collections and total cost to collect.




Robotic Process Automation

Increase team capacity up to 200% and reduce overall labor costs by up to 30% with Elite’s robotic process automation.  Dynamic custom bots can be deployed quickly and easily to perform repetitive revenue cycle tasks – freeing up staff productivity and reducing operating expenses.




A/R Cleanup and Denials Management

Strategically attack large-scale A/R challenges with analytics and process automation.  Quickly identify and liquidate A/R bottlenecks to increase cashflow and remediate lingering root-cause revenue cycle issues.




Consulting Services

Lean on Elite’s considerable experience with hospital revenue cycle optimization. We’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team every step of the way to evaluate A/R problem areas – providing targeted, intelligent solutions that drive sustainable results.

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