MailLogix Mail Hygiene & Management

Accelerate delivery, reduce undeliverable bounce-backs, and simplify mail ops.




Reduce Undeliverable Mail and Efficiently Handle Returns

Optimizing the deliverability of your secure mailings is critical to your business operation. MailLogix™ from Elite utilizes the latest data hygiene and pre-sort capabilities available to improve address quality and maximize postal discounts so your sensitive documents arrive at their intended destination. 

Gain the flexibility to suppress non-deliverable documents and reduce return mail. Access detailed address return data to improve deliverability and maintain up-to-date records.  Rely on an automated, efficient mail management system that handles physical returns and securely destroys sensitive parcels.

ElitePlus - Mail Management Platform

USPS Presort

Parse and sort statement address files to meet USPS standards and zip code aggregation

Cass Certification

USPS software evaluation of address correction accuracy

Bad Address Suppression

Pre-delivery suppressions of records missing key elements or data required by the USPS

Max Postal Discount

Optimization of mail including Intelligent Mail Barcode to obtain lowest possible first-class postage rate

Address Correction Service

Post mailing service provides electronic notifications and reasons for non-delivery


Corrects addresses for recipients who have filed a change of address through the USPS

ElitePlatinum - ElitePlus Features and the Enhanced Tools Below

Apartment Append

Query of non-CASS records to add apartment numbers for improved delivery

Enhanced Suppression

Custom suppression suite including bankruptcy, correctional, deceased, active military and other business rules

Secure Destruction

Physical returns deemed undeliverable by the USPS are securely destroyed after data capture

Return Mail Manager

Elite is Return Addressee for all mail and data capture provided

Custom Reporting

Custom AR reports and work lists for Revenue Cycle follow up and collections

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