About Elite


What We Do

Elite empowers leading businesses to improve financial conversations with their customers.  Powered by progressive engagement and payment technology, we build uniquely customized solutions that give consumers the context they need to quickly understand and pay their bills.  Our data-driven engagement platform uses targeted message automation and easy-to-use-and-manage payment tools to help you collect your money. Faster.

Why It Matters

Financial engagement is critical. It can be a solid handshake at the end of a successful client experience. Or a pain point that jeopardizes hard-won customer satisfaction and brand equity.  Our approach will always balance empathy for consumers with a focus on our clients’ margins.  And drive customer loyalty while maximizing cash flow.




How We Do It

We take seriously our responsibility to protect and grow our clients’ reputations.  Our work is tailored to their resources, culture, and audience – using dynamic workflows and advanced customization to help their businesses quickly engage customers with more effective, 1:1 communication.  At a time when mergers and private equity buy-outs have made standardized, cookie-cutter solutions the industry norm, we’re both proudly independent and focused on building hand-crafted engagement and payment solutions that fit your organization like a glove.  In short, we are a small business armed with big tools and a hunger to help our clients accomplish something great.