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"Elite helped us develop a process and a statement that worked for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We are so proud to be an Elite customer."

Geri Geringer

Bloomington Hospital

EliteBill Features                   

At Elite, we’re passionate about helping clients accelerate receivables and reduce bad debt. And that takes a statement processing toolset loaded with smart design, programming, and production resources. How do we turn your brilliant ideas into flawlessly executed billing strategy? With innovative statement print and mail tools like these.

Collaborative Statement Design
We start with proven statement design ideas. Loads of them. Then we draft the brains behind customer communication in your company and throw them right into the creative mix. The end result is a clear, clean, user-friendly bill that helps boost revenue cycle performance. 

Custom Programming
Here’s the deal: you dream it, we build it. With Elite’s experienced programming staff and open, customizable design approach, no statement design idea is out of bounds. 

EliteView Account Management 
Securely review your file online prior to production. EliteView provides fast access to a PDF image of each statement in your file. Post-production, those PDFs are archived in a searchable database that your staff can use to quickly answer customer billing questions.

EliteCheck Statement Print and Mail System
Our proprietary statement production system uses scannable statement barcodes, machine-based code reader technology, and a system of manual checks throughout the production process to ensure that your project is processed quickly and correctly.

Variable Imaging
EliteBill uses innovative variable print technology to meet your unique customer communication requirements. Our print toolset provides u
nprecedented flexibility -- enabling message customization for specific groups or personalization of each individual statement. 

NCOA Address Verification 
We bounce the bounce-backs and reduce bad debt by using USPS NCOALink technology to correct outdated or inaccurate address information before it's delivered.

Maximum Postal Discounts
EliteBill’s intelligent mail-bundling and bar-coding system ensures that your project qualifies for the lowest postal rate available.

Affordable Change Management 
Things can change in a hurry. So we offer fast, dedicated support and an efficient, set-in-stone programming rate that ensures timely modifications don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Online Payment Integration
You can never have enough payment channels. Especially one as effective as ElitePay Express. This is where paper meets e-, offering one-click payment, processing and remittance through a personalized-URL and password printed on each statement. The corresponding site pulls encounter data directly from your statement file, enabling patients to pay in minutes. 

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