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ďEliteís ability to continually add critical statement enhancements only increases the added value they provide.Ē

Roy Axelson

Saint Vincent Health

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Good communication makes a difference. No matter if itís as the spearhead of revenue generation or the virtual handshake after a real-life business transaction, getting users to understand your message and take action on its cues is an irreplaceable part of the engine that drives your business. 

Which is why building a better statement mousetrap alone isnít enough. You need to know that your bills not only look right, but engage your audience too. That they first get there on time, then get the job done. In other words it all hinges on results: building billing solutions that enable profitable communication. Elite bridges form and function for statement processing clients every day, digging deep for eye-popping results, like: 

1. Faster Delivery.
Just exactly how fast is faster? Try guaranteed-one-business-day-job-turnaround-after-file receipt-fast. Of course, blazingly fast works pretty well too. 

2. Faster Payment.
EliteBillís clean, clear, eminently readable statement design helps eliminate the common comprehension roadblocks that prevent prompt balance payment. And that attention to detail works wonders: enhancing and accelerating self-pay collections, lowering days in A/R, and reducing bad debt.

3. Lower Costs.
How does EliteBill lower statement processing costs?  With simple, to-the-point bills that reduce client phone calls and your customer service burden. With a smart, efficient mail bundling system that slashes postage and keeps processing costs consistently affordable. And with NCOA address cleansing that reduces return mail.

4. Happier Clients
Consumers often have an adversarial relationship with billing correspondence. It can be confusing, or data-heavy, or inaccurate (or all of the above). Which is why EliteBill uses battle-tested statement design to ensure that key info is clearly marked and front-and-center. Right where it should be.  

5. More Responsiveness.
Need the dexterity to change stream in a flash? Weíve got you covered. How? With insanely fast, low-cost change management and variable print technology that enables on-demand modification of text and graphics (down to the individual bill) within the same statement file. 

6. Better Branding.
Total customer reach. Those three words are sure to get marketers salivating. So why is it that they seem to have a hand in every deliverable but statements? We use your brand elements, four-color printing, and our Marketing Panel communication tool to convert your organizationís statements into a powerful vehicle to advance its brand. 

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