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Revenue Cycle Tips & Tools

The New Rules of Patient EBPP (Whitepaper)
Learn how online billing and payment uability is increasing patient adoption and driving lean, fast, efficient revenue collection.

Building a Better Bill: Why Smart Statements Matter (Whitepaper)
Learn how good communication is the foundation of a smart, fast billing approach and tips on which tools help statements achieve elite results.

The Five Habits of Highly Effective Patient Statement Solutions (Whitepaper)
Effective statement printing and mailing tools are an essential part of fast, accurate, affordable patient revenue collection. Learn how in this whitepaper.

Smoothing the Path to Better Receivables (article)
Learn how a serious statement upgrade can help boost your bottom line.

Four Tools to Rev Up Your Revenue Cycle (article)
Learn about four emerging trends that reshaping the way businesses bill.

Putting the Spotlight on ePayment (article)
Learn why online billing and payment just might be the salve for what plagues your revenue cycle.

Controlling Costs with Patient Accounts Software (article)
Learn how an online patient accounts dashboard can simplify and streamline workflow and help enhance and accelerate payment collection. 


Print Management Best Practices

Digital Print for an On-Demand World (article)
Learn how digital print technology can help you implement a lean collateral management program.

Tough Times Call for New Print Strategies (article)
Looking for a way to cut costs and improve productivity in today’s sluggish economy? A centralized, web-enabled patient accounts management dashboard might be the answer. View this article to learn more.

Direct Mail Marketing Insights

Print Plus Web: The Future of Direct Mail (article)
Learn how direct mail that integrates web tools can help drive higher campaign response rates.

QR Barcodes: An Innovative Spin on Classic Technology (article)
Learn how marketers are using smartphone-enabled barcode technology to enhance direct response campaigns.

Regulatory Alerts and Advice

How Protected Are You Against Check Fraud? (article)
Learn about the security tools and check safeguards that can help your business fight back against payment fraud.

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