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PrintManage Benefits        

From design to tracking, PrintManage is loaded with cutting-edge, paradigm-shifting, envelope-stretching, insert-your-favorite-business-buzzword-here tools. But when push comes to shove all that really matters are nitty-gritty results. Like how we can help you get leaner, faster, and more productive. Which is why we use our bells-and-whistles as an avenue to give you the goods: highly productive (and very profitable) printing outcomes. Like what? Well try: 

1. Smarter Ordering.
Online item access, shared order info, and simple point-and-click item management streamlines formerly tricky (and time consuming) purchase practices, providing flexible, lean print management.

2. Better Information.
With a full complement of web-hosted reports, print supply chain visibility and the level of interconnectivity and collaboration across purchasing locations has never been greater. 

3. More Control.
PrintManage’s shared, company-wide platform helps align print practices: providing central ordering, standardization of your item catalog, and (through purchase controls and rights management) comprehensive activity monitoring. 

4. Document Consistency.
The speed of business is faster today than ever before. Change is constant. Audiences are amorphous. And information can become outdated in a flash. Which means keeping a tight lid on branding rules and document revision status among multiple locations is no simple task. Until now. PrintManage’s web catalog makes it easy to ensure all employees are using pre-approved documents that are up-to-date and in-sync with corporate brand guidelines. 

5. Less Waste.
With detailed online tracking and reporting, speedy order fulfillment, and web-to-print tools that enable drag-and-drop customization of frequently changed collateral, your employees will never be forced to horde print resources again. And that means more flexibility, smaller inventories, and far less waste. 

6. Greater Efficiency.
All this functionality and slashed per-unit costs? It’s not only possible, but also astonishingly simple. It all hinges on collaborative, economy-of-scale document production. Our intuitive workflow management suite analyzes key order data to map out production sweet-spots: leveraging the collective procurement practices of your entire organization to keep total print management overhead consistently low. 

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