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"I have never had an encounter with an Elite staff member that didn't result in a positive outcome."

Debbie Mace

Cardinal Health System

EliteMail Features                

Marketers have it rough: over-saturation meets hyper-segmentation. Consumers are extremely tricky to reach. And reliable information (and meaningful insight) is tough to come by.

We understand. Thatís why EliteMail is designed not only to provide extraordinary direct mail marketing results, but also the campaign trackability youíve come to expect from modern media channels. Our value proposition is simple: bridge the gap between the power of traditional direct mail services and the consumerís desire to control the flow of info online (and on their own terms), and drool-worthy campaign results follow. These are the tools we use to make it all happen:

USPS Address Verification
From acquisition to enhancement, EliteMail has all your list management needs covered. And we always scrub your file clean before it mails: comparing it against up-to-date records in the USPS National Change-of-Address database to limit undeliverable bounce-backs.

Efficient Print & Mail Production
Rest assured: your direct mail solution is in good hands with Elite. Our approach to print and mail is tried-and-true, using a ridiculously efficient mail processing system to ensure that your project is made to order and delivered promptly.

Maximum Postal Discounts
EliteMailís intelligent mail-bundling and bar-coding system ensures that your project qualifies for the most discounted postal rate available.

Personalized Collateral

EliteMail uses variable print tools to provide down-to-the-individual mail piece personalization based upon the recipientís unique demographic or behavioral characteristics.

Full Web Integration

An innovative 1:1 response-generating technology, personal web pages provide a client-specific landing site (and corresponding personalized URL) where you can expand upon the initial direct mail offer, collect vital profile information, and provide an easy way for recipients to follow-up.

Response-Worthy Mail Tools
From smartphone-enabled Quick Response barcodes to pieces that use sound and video to engage consumers, EliteMail is on the bleeding-edge of response-boosting direct mail marketing technology.

Creative Support 

Get leading-edge design and copywriting support from Eliteís in-house staff or help from our certified network of creative partners.

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