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"Elite helped us develop a process and a statement that worked for us. We couldnít be more pleased with the results. We are so proud to be an Elite customer."

Geri Geringer

Bloomington Hospital

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Ridiculously results-obsessed. That pretty much sums up Eliteís approach to direct mail solutions. Because while we love building beautiful, outside-the-box campaigns, we know that pretty pictures, flashy design, and clever copy are nothing more than the means to achieve a desired outcome. What really matters are cold, hard results: more qualified leads, more converted sales opportunities, better campaign ROI. Thatís the kind of stuff we hang our hat on. And precisely what you can expect when you partner with Elite. We deliver:

1. Improved ROI. 

What happens when you combine the immediacy of the web with the reliable reach of direct mail, then sprinkle in a little 1:1 personalization? Higher response rates, more pre-qualified leads, and direct mail solutions that pay you back in a hurry.

2. Lower Campaign Costs
Our recipe for highly efficient mail projects that help you grow your bottom line starts with economical printing. Then we add intelligent mail bundling and processing to keep project overhead (postal and otherwise) consistently low. And finally top everything off with USPS NCOA address verification that reduces unnecessary piece bounce-backs.

3. Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition.

Whatís our equation for direct mail marketing success? Consistently affordable web setup and mail processing, plus more qualified leads, equals lower cost-per-acquisition. Simple, right? Well it is, in a sounds-really-easy-but-is-actually-pretty-tricky-to-pull-off kind of way.

4. Easy Campaign Development and Customization. 

With intuitive online campaign management, developing mail collateral that grabs recipients is a snap. We start by working with your staff to develop variable collateral templates backed by custom business logic. Then when youíre ready to produce a campaign, simply upload your mailing list to our portal. Our variable production technology handles the heavy lifting: pulling text and graphics stored on the system to automatically create variable pieces. The result: direct mail services that feature true one-to-one personalization.

5. Better Lead Qualification.

Most sales leads are shrouded in mystery. Are they the right fit? Ready to buy now or just kicking the tires? Getting to the bottom of these questions takes precious time and resources. EliteMail improves the effectiveness of your piece with online surveying and end-to-end lead tracking to deliver prospects that are pre-qualified and ready to hear your story.

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