EliteBill Voice Payment

IVR Billing and Payment

EliteBill Voice Payment is automated Interactive Voice Recognition technology that gives you the flexibility to collect phone-based payments from customers 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

A fast, simple pay-by-phone service, EliteBill Voice Payment streamlines revenue collection by accelerating processing activities and nearly eliminating costly payment errors and exceptions.

And it bolsters customer satisfaction with the billing process, too: doing away with on-hold queues, offering after-hours balance payment, and integrating smartphone-optimized web payment tools

EliteBill Voice Payment Benefits

• Lowers collection costs through automated, efficient payment collection.

• Reduces payment exceptions and errors by automating manual processing and posting tasks.

• Improves customer satisfaction by providing customers with the flexibility to make a simple
payment over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• Reduces statement printing and mailing overhead by substituting low-cost outbound phone and
SMS text payment reminders for expensive late or past-due statements.

• Increases staff productivity by enabling your business office employees to redirect time and
attention to critical non-payment tasks.

• Integrates smartphone-specific web payment tools that make it fast and easy for customers to
pay an outstanding balance directly from their authorized mobile device.

To learn more about how the EliteBill Voice Payment phone-based billing and payment toolset can help you streamline revenue collection and cut billing overhead, call 1.800.276.6456,
email info@eliteps.com, or click eliteps.com/elitebill.