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"I have years of leading project development teams, and Elite's staff has been among the most "can do" I've ever worked with.

Steve Taylor

Bloomington Hospital

Online Billing & Payment  

Speed statement delivery and balance payment with online bill presentment and payment software. 

ElitePay is simple, secure, self-service EBPP technology that helps you accelerate receivables, reduce bad debt, and save time and money by automating core revenue cycle activities.  

ElitePay gives your customers the convenience of anytime, hassle-free web access to billing information and account management tools. Plus the ability to make single, pre-authorized, or planned payments in minutes from anywhere with a browser and internet connection. Then adds a host of smart account management tools to ensure that you've got all the back-end platform tracking and reporting resources that you’ll need to run a tight online billing ship.

Which means eStatement delivery in seconds, not days. Real time, real simple online payment. Seamless integration with your accounting system for easy payment control and reconciliation. And point-and-click web management tools that make great customer service a no-brainer. In other words: a fast, convenient, efficient online billing and payment channel that both you and your customers will love.

ElitePay Can Help You:

  • Deliver transaction data to clients faster with online billing and email messaging.
  • Collect faster with easy online user payment tools and automatic transfer of funds.
  • Streamline customer accounts management with an intuitive service portal.
  • Eliminate common bill printing, processing, and postage costs.
  • Provide your clients with a simple, progressive online payment option.
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