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"Over the course of our business relationship, I've found Elite Print Services' processing staff to be friendly, professional, and quick to respond."

Cindy Heuermann

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Statement Print and Mail

Enhance and accelerate receivables with customized statement processing from Elite. 

EliteBill is a comprehensive statement printing and mailing solution that uses clean, clear, concise financial correspondence to help you accelerate revenue collection and cut billing costs.   

Because when it comes to patient statement processing or invoice printing and mailing, speed is essential. And hard-to-understand bills can be a serious roadblock to faster collections. That's why we start with a dogged commitment to the fundamentals of good statement design: simple, jargon-free, and proven to accelerate payment. 

Then we add variable statement printing that provides down-to-the-individual bill customization. And smart statement processing tools -- like postal pre-sorting, NCOA address cleansing, and efficiency-obsessed statement print and mail operations -- that cut production costs, reduce return mail bounce-backs, and speed bill delivery.

Best of all, our statement print and mail software is completely seamless: plugging into your existing legacy application without any additional headaches or hidden costs. So you get a user-friendly statement processing solution created from the ground up that delivers groundbreaking productivity. And billing results that can have a truly powerful impact on the financial health of your bottom-line.

EliteBill can help you:
  • Accelerate and enhance receivables with one-business-day statement print and mail turnaround and simple, to-the-point bills and invoices.
  • Lower return mail costs and bad debt with USPS NCOA statement address cleansing and verification.
  • Qualify for massively discounted statement mail rates with our efficient statement print and mail pre-sorting system.
  • Customize your messaging down to the individual statement or invoice with advanced variable print tools.
  • Delight customers and reduce phone inquiries to your service center with easy-to-read statements and on-demand payment channels.
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