Discover the New Rules of Healthcare Online Billing & Payment

EBPP usability whitepaperToday’s healthcare financial environment is tricky. Patient responsibility for out-of-pocket costs is at an all-time high and bad debt continues to grow.

So it’s easy to see why more providers are turning to EBPP solutions to help them enhance and accelerate revenue collection, lower billing costs, and meet patients’ desire for online payment.

But there’s a lot to consider when researching the EBPP space. What type of solution is right for you?  What tools are driving patient adoption? And what about application security?

That’s why we’re excited to share our must-have EBPP usability tips with you in this free, insight-packed white paper. Simply complete the form and download your copy to learn the best-practice traits and tools shared by top online billing and payment solutions.

You Will Discover:

 The 5 essential EBPP tools that speed revenue collection.

 How application usability improves patient adoption.

 The 6 online payment features that patients demand.

 How a customer service dashboard can help streamline and automate common patient accounting tasks.

 The security practices to require from your solution provider.