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"Elite was instrumental in restructuring our document management procedures to help our business print supply chain become more responsive and efficient."

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ElitePay Features                  

ElitePay provides feature-rich EBPP technology grounded in a user-friendly approach to online billing and payment. It all hinges on just two simple rules: itís got to work for you (think fast bill presentment, balance payment, and funds processing) and for your customers (with simple enrollment, account management, and balance payment). How do we get there? With tools like these:

Fast, Flexible Payment Tools

With ElitePay, your customers can view and pay their bill in minutes -- anytime, from anywhere with a web connection. Our flexible payment system offers scheduled payments, pre-authorizations, payment plan payments, and even one-time payment that don't require customers to enroll as an EBPP user.

Paperless Billing
Fast. Simple. Green. Instead of paper statement delivery, customers that enroll in paperless billing receive an email notification when a new bill is available online. By clicking a link that redirects them to your ElitePay website for payment, they can complete the entire process -- delivery though payment -- without harming a tree. That's good for the environment. And by automating statement delivery and reducing collection costs, it's good for you, too.

Customer Service Portal

Account management can sap staff productivity and increase collection costs. ElitePay features get-things-done tools that allow you to quickly access customers' statements, payment history, and account info, process payments in person or over the phone, and access comprehensive payment and settlement reports.

Fast Payment Processing
Online billing and payment provides electronic efficiencies all throughout the revenue cycle. ElitePay automates time- and labor-intensive payment processing tasks and produces daily activity, posting, and return reports that integrate seamlessly with your legacy software for fast, easy settlement control and reconciliation.

Best-in-Class Security

ElitePay delivers Fort Knox-level information protection. Our platform has received HIMSS Gold Certification for meeting the highest standards of HIPAA-mandated data security.

Simple Account Management
ElitePay offers much more than payment alone.  Customers can also view their payment history and pending transactions, manage personal and insurance information, communicate securely with your service staff, and estimate treatment costs for an upcoming procedure.

Smartphone Billing
Connect with your customers on the go. ElitePay features turn-key IVR voice and mobile messaging technology. So you can immediately deliver automated outbound phone or SMS text notifications to your customers' smartphones when a new bill is made available online.

Mobile Payments
ElitePay also provides customers with convenient payment directly from their mobile device. Users can access a mobile-friendly version of the ElitePay website from your SMS text notification. Or they can make a voice-based payment using ann automated voice recognition system, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Fully Branded

In the online world, consistency is king. Skittish customers need the reassurance that a payment site is secure and supported. Solution buy-in depends on it. Thatís why each ElitePay portal is branded to match the look and feel of your corporate website.

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