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"Elite was extremely helpful in the design and wording of our patient statements. The change caught our patients' eye, increasing self-pay collections."

Philip Hilger

Saint John's Hospital

ElitePay Benefits                 

ElitePay is EBPP software designed to help move your business forward. Our aim? Simple: provide faster delivery, faster payment, and real improvement in user satisfaction that can make a very big difference on your bottom-line. ElitePay is so much more than technology for technology's sake, offering clients results, like:

1. Faster Statement Delivery.

Why take the long way around when you know a sure-fire shortcut? ElitePay is built for speed: cutting out the print-then-mail tasks that slow delivery the most. The result? Days slashed from average statement delivery time.

2. Faster Balance Payment.

Receivables are the lifeblood of your business. So why should you be forced to settle for the limitations of a traditional approach to statement delivery and balance payment? With Eliteís flexible online payment system, the wait-time for returned payment stubs isnít just lessened, itís eliminated altogether. Add in real-time payment capture, verification, and processing and youíre ready to collect at the speed of business.

3. Streamlined Service.

ElitePayís online customer service dashboard has the right stuff to help your service staff cement their reputation as a lean, mean, customer-serving machine. With a searchable online payment archive, intuitive payment capture and processing, and web-enabled account monitoring and management tools, your staff can handle customer needs so much more effectively. And do it all in almost no time.

4. Satisfied Customers.
Your customers deserve a little pampering. Delight them with anywhere/anytime eStatement access and account management, flexible online payment tools (including payment plans, procedure estimates, and IVR), and secure, direct access to customer service representatives.

5. More Efficiency.

Step one: move client billing and payment online. Step two: give your balance sheet a reprieve from statement processing costs by eliminating common printing, materials and (ever-increasing) postage fees.

6. Better Branding.

ElitePay has the tools to turn traditional client billing into a fully branded communications touch-point. Transitioning your billing process online enables vibrant payment portals to replace generic, bare-bones paper statements. And additional web communication tools let you deliver relevant, targeted messaging that can be updated quickly.

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