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"Elite helped us develop a process and a statement that worked for us. We couldnít be more pleased with the results. We are so proud to be an Elite customer."

Geri Geringer

Bloomington Hospital

The Challenge of Keeping Patient Data Safe 
Patient information security continues to be a key topic of discussion among healthcare professionals. And for good reason. With looming threats, costly leaks, and HIPAA/HITECH regulation, keeping sensitive patient data safe and secure is an absolute must. But in an increasingly digital care environment, itís also no easy task. This month we look at both sides of the threat/security coin: starting with a new spin on the standard data grab (and what it means for the future of PHI safety). Before considering how an emerging web technology can help increase revenue cycle security. 

Latest in Data Theft
Data breaches arenít new to the healthcare world. But holding data for ransom? View this article for more on this new security threat. 

EBPPís Safety Features
HIPPA privacy laws present a challenge to healthcare providers. View this blog post to see 5 ways EBPP technology can help protect PHI during the billing process. 

Customer Profile
South East Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) is a non-profit health consortium of 18 Native communities in southeast Alaska. The consortium serves the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and other Native people of Southeast Alaska, which includes the areas of Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka along with many rural towns. Founded in 1975, SEARHC is one of the oldest and largest Native-run health organizations in the US. Whenever possible, SERHC incorporates the traditional Native cultural practices and values into the healthcare system. To learn more about SEARHC, find them online HERE

Marketing News
Is Social Engine Optimzation the new SEO? View this article to see why it just might be. 

Just For You 
Yes, the web is full of a lot of useless information. But, thankfully, itís also home to a lot of useful stuff too. View this article to see 12 novel web tools that help simplify your life. 

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Elite is the 32nd largest print distribuor based on sales in the US View Article.

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Elite now offers USPS Direct Mail Service View Article.

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