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"Elite was extremely helpful in the design and wording of our patient statements. The change caught our patients' eye, increasing self-pay collections."

Philip Hilger

Saint John's Hospital

About Elite                               

Just what is it that Elite Services does? The short, simple, to-the-point description: We provide clients with print and business communication solutions. Really productive ones.

More specifically, our areas of expertise are diverse enough to encompass everything from statement processing, to EBPP software, to enterprise print management and direct mail marketing. But no matter the offering, our overarching purpose remains the same: build solutions that help clients use and communicate data more effectively.

From humble beginnings more than three decades ago, we’ve grown to an organization that’s recognized as one of the largest document solution providers in the United States. The 25th largest to be exact (as awarded by the PSDA in 2011). With a results-driven outlook and an organization full of bright, talented employees that live and breathe Elite’s unflinching commitment to delighting customers each and every day, we enable businesses to communicate better, use resources smarter, and earn more.

In short: Elite isn't your typical provider of print and communication solutions. And for businesses seeking fresh ideas, immaculate service, and more efficient practices, that's a very good thing.

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